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BearCare for Parents

BearCare helps parents find a day care facility for their little one that is just the way they want it to be. BearCare is not a listing website, it is a smart tool. You search for day care facilities based on your needs and do a side-by-side comparison to pick the best out of them. You see complete information about day cares including reviews by other parents and visitors to help you make a quick yet wise decision.

BearCare’s job doesn’t end at finding a day care of your choice. It just starts from there. BearCare’s communication platform connects you with the caregivers to help them provide the best care for your little ones. Caregivers log timely reports so that you don’t keep wondering how your little one would be doing. Also, get in touch with other parents in your day care and take the development progress of your kid to the next level.

BearCare for DayCares

BearCare is a representation of day care centers for their prospective clients. It presents the true and the best picture of your business in the way parents like to see.

It, not just brings new business to you but also helps you be better at what you do. BearCare productivity tools optimize the operations of your business bringing down the net cost to run it. The registered day cares get a great insight in to their neighborhood market. BearCare market insight tool is a friend that tells you what you can do to outshine others.

BearCare improves communication between you and parents. Become more productive by broadcasting messages to the parents. Increase your credibility by logging kids’ activities to keep the parents up-to-date.

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People say the nicest things…(samples)


“BearCare helped me found a day care that fits to my need. We found over 70 listing in 2 miles range of our house. With their reviews and information I short listed 5 to go open houses. It was surprising that information on site was so accurate when we visited to those day cares.”

- Adam Gray


“BearCare platform helped us to grow out business while we were struglling to bring new kids. BearCare expert team helped us to uplift the quality of our day care and advised the area of improvements.”s.”

- Kevin Cheng

Partner Businesses

“BearCare gave us a platform to connect with daycare businesses and partners to schedule the events and generate more business for us.”

- Trecy Stein